AQUA is: Lene Nystrøm and Rene Dif (lead vocals); Søren Rasted (songwriter/producer):

"We started the band back in 1994, and released the album Aquarium in 1997. After 6 major hitsingles and great succes around the world, we went back in the studio in 1999, wrote and produced the second album Aquarius that were released in 2000. 
Then 5 singles and after another worldtour we decided (primarily because we had lost the touch) to shut down in 2001.

In 2007 we met one evening and found out that we missed making music together, so we decided to go on a small tour in Denmark to play 8 shows in 2008. 
In many ways this were chapter 2 in the story of Aqua. We went back into the studio and produced a couple of new trakcs that were included on Greatest Hits in 2009. We were surprised by the positive feedback we got on the to new tracks "Back to the 80´s", og "My Mamma Said" that also were released as singles.

In February 2010 we all (incl families) went to a small island in Thailand and began writing songs. We decided not to tour in 2010, but focus on writing and producing Megalomania. 
We wanted to make the best popalbum in the world, and take Aqua to a new universe, a new sound, searching for the good tunes and lyrics that always has been Aqua´s trademark. 
After 18 months of songwriting we had more than 100 recorded songs, and after 12 months in the studio, we had made the ultimate Aqua album.

AQUA is currently performing shows across the world with a fully live band setup, 8 pcs band, with drums, bass, guitar, backing vocals and of cause Søren Rasted on keys, Lene Nystrøm and Rene Dif on vocals.

No other band from the 90’s can put that many major hits on a set list and get a party started!